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Newbridge Business Centres offers you offices loaded with features. Whatever be the size of your business, you can avail of all the features at the business centres.

Serviced Office Space

Newbridge also strives to provide facilities that increase security, provide comfort and enhance your working pleasure. To this end, we've also installed:

Door Access Systems

  • Elids HID’s door access systems provide ease of entry/exit whilst ensuring the high level of security for the office premises.
  • Clients of Newbridge have 24/7 access to their offices and the common facilities of the business centre. This ensures that all services can be used by you at your convenience.

In-House Security Systems

  • In addition to the building's 24-hour on-site security personnel, Newbridge are equipped with cameras having 24x7 recording capabilities. The premises are continuously monitored to ensure your safety. 

Fully-Automatic Coffee / Cappuccino Machines

  • Café Coffee Day’s fully-automatic Incanto & Magic Deluxe coffee machines are rated very highly by all coffee-connoisseurs. How can we offer anything less to Newbridge clients? Simply press a button, and you'll get your choice of coffee.