What are serviced offices?

Serviced Offices are designed to provide Ready to Use furnished office spaces. They are equipped with the latest in IT & Communications infrastructure & are staffed for every function, right from cleaning & maintenance to administrative & IT support.

Newbridge Business Centres provide you with a number of advantages over traditional serviced offices. At Newbridge Centres you won’t be locked into fixed lease periods. Ours is a simple one page contract that you can sign without having to engage lawyers or incur stamp duties. Furthermore, you will not incur capital expenses on renovation or purchase of fax machines, copiers or internet connections – everything is provided for and maintained by Newbridge.

You only need to walk in and tell us your requirements. We will service your requirements in the best possible manner.

What advantages do business centres offer over self run offices?

The experience of staying in a 5 star hotel is different from that of staying in a budget hotel. Newbridge Business Centres are elegantly designed, with large lobby areas, lounge spaces and a wide variety of meeting rooms.

Our executives are trained to meet the best hospitality standards & this is evident in every area, ranging from the reception to the catering department.

Newbridge offers all these services at a much cheaper cost than self run offices.

What Tenure can I sign in for?

Newbridge Business Centre offers office spaces by the hour. We provide offices on a pay per use basis. You can book an office to suit your time requirements- be it a few hours or many years.

What are the different office sizes available at Newbridge Business Centres?

Newbridge Offices are designed to help you make maximum use of your manpower resources.

A typical Newbridge Business Centre consists of approximately 240 seats (in NCR) and 100 seats (in BLR). These seats are configured into individual workspaces that accommodate the following team sizes:

  • 1 member
  • 2 member
  • 3 member
  • 4 member
  • 5 member
  • 6 member
  • 8 member
  • 10 member
  • 15 member
  • 20 member
  • 30 member
  • 45 member
  • 60 member

The workspaces are modular & are designed to accommodate team sizes as mentioned above. The user can choose to upsize or downsize easily, hence saving on redundancies.

How much does it cost?

The charges are levied on a per person basis & the rent depends upon the size of your office & the duration of your stay. The following are included in your monthly rent – use of the office, building maintenance, cleaning, water, power charges, air-conditioning charges, reception staff, peons, furniture, etc.

There are no hidden costs. The incidentals like internet & communication costs, pantry usage and administrative support are charged as per a services tariff card agreed upon before signing the contract. Detailed invoices are provided every month, hence leaving absolutely no scope for ambiguity.

What if I need to upsize or downsize?

As discussed earlier, Newbridge Business Centres work towards providing maximum flexibility to its clients. Every effort is made to see that you pay only for the office space you use & do not waste money on redundancies. There are no penalties involved for the expansion or contraction of workspaces.

My Workspace Configuration

At Newbridge Business Centres, we allow you to reconfigure your office layout. We assist you in planning your space requirements and we also offer the extra comfort of sofas and meeting tables. You can avail of these benefits within your workspace at no extra cost.

Do I need to have my own Office Equipment?

No. Newbridge Business Centres are fully equipped to meet your office needs. We offer you a wide range of services including designer office furniture, high speed internet access, digital voice conference phones, fully staffed reception areas, admin, IT support and a fully stocked pantry area. We also provide laptops on rent.

However if you wish to use your own furniture and equipment, we can make arrangements that allow you to do the same.

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